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What to do if your Wedding is Impacted by COVID-19

March 19, 2020

When planning your wedding day, you have probably thought of all ‘worst-case scenario’ options. Rain, thunderstorms, fires…Well, an international pandemic probably didn’t cross your mind, now did it?  Unfortunately, the unthinkable is happening in our world, and as your industry professionals we want to be here for you in any way that we can be.  Although we are facing unprecedented challenges, we are here to help guide you through what to do when your wedding is in jeopardy due to this health crisis. We put together five key points that we believe are the most important to think about when changing your wedding date. 

1. Postpone, Don’t Cancel! 

In a situation like this, postponing your wedding is a much better option than canceling your wedding altogether. Like you, all of your vendors have never been in a situation like this before.   We are finding postponing your wedding is a much better option financially than cancelling all together.  Most deposits that you have made with vendors are non-refundable so definitely make sure to check your contracts before taking next steps.   Although it may seem difficult at first, your vendor team will likely want to work with you to find a new date.  But be prepared that it may be hard to find a date that works for everyone.  You might have to make the difficult decision – what is most important for you – having a Saturday wedding, having your favorite photographer over the florist who isn’t available, or picking a date that works for everyone on your vendor team, even though it may not be ideal for you.  If possible try to keep your vendor team so you don’t lose deposits and you can keep your wedding vision the same.

2. Try to Be Flexible on Your New Wedding Date

Whether you have made the (difficult) decision to postpone your wedding, or the venue had to make the decision for you, it is important to get a number of dates that you have the option of moving to.  So first thing, contact your venue manager to get available dates.   Even if you are thinking about postponing, it’s best to reach out ASAP as dates are filling up quickly for 2021.  Make sure to look at all available date options.  Be open-minded to alternate days of the week – Thursday, Fridays & Sundays!   

3. Communicate with all Vendors

In a time like this, communication is key! It is important to communicate with your vendors with honesty, respect, understanding, and kindness – we are all in this together! For the vendors, it is likely that all of their weddings in the next 8 weeks are postponing, so it is important that you contact them as soon as you have another possible date in mind. Keep in mind that your vendors are also being affected by this and they are here to support you during this tough time!

4. You already got your Marriage License, Now What?

For those of you planning to get married within the next few weeks, you have most likely obtained your Marriage License. First, you should check with your local county clerks office to see what their rules and regulations are on extending the expiration date on your license are. In San Diego County, they are not offering an extension on your license, and they are not giving refunds. With this information, you now have two options. 1. Purchase another license 90 days prior to your new date (which costs another $70 in San Diego County) or 2. Contact your officiant and see if they are willing and available to marry you on your original date.  (Bethel Nathan is offering this service for her existing clients).  This option would work if you were in love with your original date (trust us, we know 2020 is a big year for numbers), then you and your fiancé can keep the legal marriage on that date and postpone the celebration to later in the year!  We know none of this is ideal but it’s good to have options. 

5. Stay Calm, We Will Get Through This!

Like we mentioned before, we are all going through this together. Your venue and your vendor team want your special day to happen just as much as you do! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your planner, ask questions, and figure out a plan that works best for you and your vendor team. It is important to remember to stay calm, lean on your vendors when you need help, and remember we will get through this!

6. Download our easy checklist!

We created this easy one page checklist for you to follow.  Email us for a copy of the PDF – info@sweetblossomweddings.com.



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