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2018 Hottest Wedding Trends

January 18, 2018

We are excited to share with you the top 2018 wedding trends that are all the rage! From ultra violet making a comeback 10 years later, to interactive live DJs, there’s so much to love about what the 2018 wedding future holds!

Wedding Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

When we first heard that ultra violet was going to be the color of the year, we were brought back to memories of a decade ago with bright violet satin chair covers of purple overload. Thankfully, satin ultra violet chair covers are a thing of the past, and we have to admit we are loving the new ultra violet color! Pictured below is two of our weddings from 2017 that were ahead of the trend.

Photo by Jessica Jaccarino Photography Photo by Jessica Jaccarino Photography

Pictured below are more awesome ultra violet wedding images we found on Pinterest to give you more ultra violet inspiration!

Enchanted Forest theme

Wedding venues that offer extra foliage will be extra popular this year since the enchanted forest look is the hot venue look of the year. The enchanted theme stems with extravagant pieces, such as big mirrors and chandeliers, caged florals, and hanging lights with candles to light up the venue.

Paradise Falls in Oceanside makes the perfect San Diego venue for a couple wanting to execute an enchanted forest theme. Pictured below is one of our weddings from December that was absolutely stunning.

Circle elements

Last year, geometric shapes were the hot wedding trend. This year circle elements are coming in trend and we must say, we love the look! After all, the circle symbolizes eternity and wholeness, a timleless shape to add into a wedding. Hanging wreaths for a foliage hanging elements and circle ceremony backdrops will be big this year! Pictured below are images from Pinterest, but we know by the end of this year we will have our own archive of circle elements to share with you.


Eclectic Mix of Lounge Furniture

Lounge furniture in 2018 is becoming more comfortable and personalized by adding more eclectic elements to lounge furniture sets. This year lounge futrniture will feature more layered rugs, side tables, poofs, throw pillows and blankets to amp up the look and feel of lounge seating. The lounge furniture pictured below is done by Folklore Vintage Rentals.

Photo by Corrine Alexandra  Photo by Corrine Alexandra

Transparent Acrylic


We love the clean and modern look that transparent acrylic pieces for stationary and signage give to a wedding! Pictured below is a seating chart one of our couples did on transparent acrylic and we are obsessed! Excited to see more of this in 2018.

Photo by Katie Beverly Photography Photo by Katie Beverly Photography Photo by Katie Beverly Photography  Photo by Katie Beverly Photography



Hanging Floral installations

Hanging floral installations started its big debut in 2017, but in 2018 they will be in full effect! Hanging floral installations add instant drama and a big “wow” factor to a reception. Pictured below is a hanging centerpiece done by Urban Garden Floral over a head table at Brick that gave an extra visual impact over where the bride and groom were seated.

Pictured below are more extravagant hanging floral statement pieces we loved from Pinterest.

Statement Place Cards

2018 is shying away from paper tent cards to a more dramatic statement place card.  Statement place cards add extra decor and are always a personalized hit for guests!

DJ Live Entertainment

DJ live is the newest, most interactive entertainment enhancement to add to weddings in 2018! Live music intertwined with the song the DJ is playing is a fun way to add a live music element to a wedding while giving a big entertainment aspect as well. Musicians provide guitar, sax, violin or even drums to any favorite song!

Below is an example of this awesome DJ Live done put on by Vario Weddings.

Black Accents

The trending accent color of the year is black. Black accents will make their appearance on cakes, florals, candle sticks and table settings.

Live Food Station

Live food stations where a professional chef or attendant is making food in front of you is the new hot way to incorporate entertainment and fun dining into your dinner or dessert.  Some interactive food station ideas: sushi rolling stations, stir fry stations, ice cream sandwich stations (Baked Bear), and ice cream stations(Front Porch Pops).

We can’t wait to execute these wedding trends in 2018! Follow us on social media to stay informed of all of our trendy weddings to come!







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