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April 4, 2012

Top Ten Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas
Why is a guest book an important part of your wedding day?

The guest book is usually one of the first items your guests will see at your wedding, so make it creative and memorable!  Not only will you want to remember who was at your wedding day (trust me, you may forget someday), but you will also want a cool and unique way to display those signatures and wishes for you as your journey begins as husband and wife.  You will want to preserve those memories of your wedding day not only through photos and video, but also through a wedding guest book.  Below are ten creative ideas for a guest book (think outside the four corners of a book).

Idea #1 –  Sign a Surfboard or Furniture Item. 

You will treasure this item for years to come and you can maybe even use it.

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Idea #2 – “Leaf a fingerprint” –

Have your guests leave their fingerprint and signature on a tree or book, or

something that follows your wedding theme.  Use your wedding colors or other creative colors.

Sources: Etsy, Girly Wedding


Idea #3 – Sign a Puzzle

Use one of your favorite engagement photos or another photo of the two of you as a couple.  Turn it into a puzzle.   Have your guests sign the back of the pieces.  Then you can either have your guests put it together during your reception, or have them put it in a container for you to piece together later.  Have it laminated or put in plexi glass so you can hang it on your wall.  Then you will always be able look at what your guests wrote to you on your wedding day.

Sources: Bella Puzzles, Mgc Puzzles


Idea #4 – Sign a Calendar

Have your guests sign a calendar on their birthday.  What a great way to remember all of your guests birthdays!  Fill the calendar with pictures of you as a couple or other meaningful photos so you can keep it for years to come.

Sources: Off Beat Bride, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings


Idea #5 – Polaroid Camera

Leave a polaroid camera for your guests to capture photos of themselves at your wedding.  They can immediately put them in a guest book and sign next to their picture.  Get creative using fun props and have your friends sit in chairs or pose behind frames (bottom picture).  Or use chalkboards where guests can easily write their wishes.

Sources: Love and Lavender, Adrianne Elizabeth Designs


Idea #6 – “Recipe of Love”

Have your guests fill out a “recipe of love” or warmest wishes and put it in your recipe box.

Sources: Cut the Cake Designs, Love and Lavender


Idea #7 – Fill out a Postcard

Have your guests fill out a postcard with wishes or anything else they want and have someone mail them to you throughout your first year of marriage.  Or if you are having a destination wedding, then you can mail them to yourself and they will arrive by the time you get home from your honeymoon.  (please note: make sure to fill out your address on the other side as your guests probably won’t know that on the day of your wedding).

Sources: Martha Stewart WeddingBlue Sky Paper, Adrianne Elizabeth Designs


Idea #8 – Sign a Monogram

Create or buy monogram letters (your initials as a couple or your last name initial).  Have your guests sign their name and a short message.  Display it in your house as a wonderful momento.

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Idea #9 – Wishing Tree

Make a tree and have your guests write a note of wisdom or a special wish to be placed on the tree.  Or if you are having a holiday wedding, have your guests sign a piece of paper to be placed inside of an ornament.  Get creative with your paper and pen colors.  These can match your theme.  (Make sure to leave instructions for this guest book because it can be confusing to guests).

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Idea #10 – Sign a Record

This is a great idea for music lovers!  Have your guests sign one of your favorite old time records.  Then you can display it in your house in a glass frame to be treasured for years to come.  Other great items would be a large seashell or a quilt or something that matches your wedding theme.

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